3 Reasons Compliance is a Core Value

Credit and collections, and the nature of the work that Accutrac does, requires strict standards and adherence to those standards. It can seem frustrating, from a business perspective, to undertake new regulations and adapt practices to standards of different sorts. However, here are three reasons why compliance is one of our core values

1. Protects our client

Through our adherence to standards, we relieve our clients of the additional stress that the standards may cause. When new regulations come into play in the socio-political realm, our client may have to change vendors entirely, or conduct audits to ensure their vendors are operating in compliant ways. When we make compliance a value of our own, we remove that stress from our clients’ already-overwhelmed shoulders.

2. Protects us

We want to remain in business. Therefore, we utilize these standards to protect our own reputation and business interests. As it happens, our business interests include obeying the law. Our value of our own reputation extends to valuing our clients’ reputations, as we would never risk complaints, allegations or lawsuits being stacked up against our business or being associated with our company’s name.

3. Ensures a superior product

In various industries, standards set the scene for product innovation. We have been forced to improve our products over the years according to laws, culminating in compliance becoming the basis of our products at the most foundational level. Our products are far superior to what we hosted in the past and to what competitors have today, simply because of our compliance. It is a focal point of our company which results in compliance being a key product attribute.