Community Involvement & Charitable Giveback

Our Community Involvement

Our company is keen on promoting good within our community, offering chances for employment where there weren’t many, and improving the city of Anderson from within. Because of this, we have kept our operations in the city of Anderson since the beginning of our company, despite having the opportunity to move to larger cities. We believe in improving the community in which we operate.

Our Charitable Giveback

Our company is focused on working to provide a better life experience for those around us. Through this, we attempt to help the most vulnerable within our community. We do so with an attitude of compassion and helpfulness.

Part of our charitable giveback program is our monthly charity program. Each month, we choose a different local charity to support with funds donated by our staff. Our employees are eager to contribute to the efforts of local nonprofits and charitable organizations. We’re always seeking new opportunities to give back within the Anderson community!

The Programs We Support

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