Phone Validation

This product gives you total assurance that you’re contacting the right person, whether for compliance purposes or to save time when you know your files of large-batch data are not fully accurate. Accuracy can slip through the cracks when you’re using large data vendors, and we can improve your data by making sure the listed contact information is for the right person.

Increase Revenue

Maximizes your revenue streams by helping you contact the right consumer.

Reduce Cost

Reduces your cost by eliminating the need for extraneous calling.

Maximize ROI

Increases your return on investment by returning lost revenue from doubtful accounts.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigates your risk by adhering to strict compliances.

Improve Efficiency

Improves your efficiency by relying on an already-established call center.

Achieve better results with Accutrac

Accutrac's product offerings directly impact your business. We can help you increase revenue, maximize your return on their investment, generate new revenue streams, lower costs, reduce risk, avoid lawsuits, be compliant, and be more efficient. Below are some of the ways in which this product can influence your business.

Product Impact

Phone Validation can dramatically impact your business, financially, through mitigating your risk or efficiency. To view more information about the product, the link bel

Also, feel free to view the other areas below to better understand how this product can impact your organization.

The Process

Our highly efficient and industry-compliant process is unique to each product. It is built with you in mind, to save you time and money. Our Phone Validation process is an asset to our company and to yours.

Financial Impact
We bring increased revenue to clients’ accounts receivables departments. Our Phone Validation product has brought millions of dollars in revenue streams to a clients’ business. We’re committed to achieving results for each and every client. Read through our product case study to see real results for a Phone Validation client:
Legal Impact

Our Phone Validation product is designed to reduce your risk of lawsuits by abiding by TCPA, and helping you adhere to the TCPA and FDCPA in your collections methods. Once we validate the phone numbers for you, there will be lessened risk of you attempting to collect from the wrong person, which is unlawful.

Quality of Hit Rates

By using skilled contact center agents to verify consumer phone numbers, we are able to achieve excellent hit rates with our Phone Validation product. Our hit rate average is about 25% for validation of phone numbers, based on major validation clients and historical data. Hit rates vary based on the nature of the data, age of accounts, and other factors relating to how the original information was provided.

Lower Costs and Efficiency

Our agents are highly trained, our processes are streamlined, and our methods are efficient. We continually adjust our processes to keep up with changing industry demands and compliance. Accutrac can bring this efficiency to your company for low costs in comparison to the greater return. Because we keep our processes efficient and our costs low, we are able to positively impact your company.

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