Executive Team

Brad James

Chief Executive Officer

“The Captain”

Brad’s charismatic and energetic approach to life and leadership brings unique perspective to the credit, collections, and account receivables industry.

Brad desires to promote healthy and mutually beneficial business relationships in his pursuit to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Giving back to his employees and the community he lives in is of the utmost importance to Brad. It’s this passion that drives Brad to be a positive influence in every life he encounters.

RC James


“The Evangelist”

RC’s years of expertise have developed him into a sage of the credit, collections and account receivables industry.

He has seen the industry grow, expand, and transform, all the while listening to those who are firmly rooted in the industry and the hurdles they face daily.

RC’s experience has driven Accutrac’s creation in response to the needs of the industry he’s served and lived in for many years.

Jay Michalek

Chief Business Development Officer

“The Engineer”

Jay is propelled by his desire to create a positive and beneficial experience for each of our clients, one that leaves them feeling cared for and respected. He strives to bring a genuine rapport with clients, which allows him insight into what really matters most to them.

Jay works meticulously to collaborate with clients, effectively produce results, and solve problems specific to their needs.

Jay’s invaluable ability to mastermind our processes at Accutrac enables us to produce exemplary results for all our clients.

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