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Achieve better results with Accutrac.

In business, results are the reason for every action, effort, and decision we make. We do not invest ourselves, wholeheartedly, into something unless there is a return. Results are the end goal and they guide our decision-making processes, plans, and endeavors.

We know that our clients need results. They need to see a return on their investment, increase revenue, avoid lawsuits, lower costs, reduce risk, and be more efficient. Accutrac has positively impacted our client’s businesses by producing quality products and solutions that deliver success.

Below are a few examples of how Accutrac has achieved better results for our clients:

Excellent ROI and Profit Results

We have helped clients achieve excellent ROI for the costs of our products. Our efficiency allows us to offer cost-effective products to clients that increase returns exponentially.

We can help you generate new revenue streams to improve the overall financial snapshot of your company’s accounts receivables. Our products help you generate income from the debts you are owed.

Read through our case studies to see exemplary financial results that we’ve achieved for clients:

Greater Verified Hit Rates

To help you gain more revenue, we start out by generating higher verified hit rates. Our rates are better than industry averages because of our manual calling.

Our Contact Center agents obtain more verified hits by providing a pleasant experience for consumers.

Because of our process, our clients achieved the following verified hit rate results that you may read about in our case studies: 

Avoiding Lawsuits and Reducing Risk

Regulatory and Compliance Measures

Our processes are compliant, which reduces your risk of being held accountable for unlawful actions. Most importantly, our products directly reduce TCPA and FDCPA violations that lead to lawsuits. Automatic telephone dialing systems are illegal for calling without prior express consent, and our products address this problem by helping you gain consent, by initiating a warm transfer, or simply by verifying that the listed phone number is correct. By using our manual calling products, you can collect on your accounts while reducing risk of a lawsuit.

Read this whitepaper for more information on how we directly prevent lawsuits:

Additionally, visit our compliance page for more information on our specific compliance.

Information Security Posture

Our information security is unparalleled in the industry. We’ve successfully passed several audits for consumer information security, and our staff members handle confidential data with great care. When using our products, you can be certain that we will not commit any security or data violations that could put you at risk.

Visit our compliance page for information on our specific security compliance.

Our information security specs:

Lower Costs and Efficiency

We will increase your department’s efficiency by providing expert verification products. Since you know you’re getting superior results from us, you’ll be able to focus on other important projects, and you won’t have to dedicate any staff to verification. Our products are cost-effective and offer superior results. We don’t skimp on quality in any product, and we deliver our best, every single time.

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